Jun 19

Nice Addition


Nice to see jmmods is growing. Thank you for adding a forum.

I look forward to checking in and reading.

I am still needing to work on the Forum and add some more subjects and discussion areas etc, Thanks for checking us out and I hope to spend some more time dialing in this new feature. If you have some suggestions on the forum platform let me know I would be grateful!

Jun 19

One suggestion (for me) Info and how tos on lights. RGB, ARGB, RBG LED and Cathodes.....ect.

Subjects and discussion areas for overall lighting. Im new to the lighting game and had many questions :)

Cool idea, I will have to add a topic on RGB's etc . This will be a great addition to the forum for sure!


New Posts
  • Thank you so much for not only answering all my questions before purchase. The time from planing to product in my hand was amazingly fast (about a week). The product itself is perfect, all my friends have praised the looks. And, my computer looks much better. I can not praise the work enough.
  • This is my 2nd attempt to making RGB lighted item. What is it? What will I use it for? Take a guess ....................it is for my PC
  • I'd have to clear it with an admin first, of course, but I think it would be cool to have a Discord server up for jmmods. I already made a quick one, just because I love making Discord servers, and if I get the okay I'll improve it and share it here. You could share builds and chat with other jmmods fans!