Jul 21

What is it?


This is my 2nd attempt to making RGB lighted item.

What is it? What will I use it for?

Take a guess ....................it is for my PC




Hmm I don't know what it is, but it looks great!

Jul 22

Ignore my dusty PC and fingerprints please. I made this to hide the power cables to my vertical GPU. I couldnt get the cable to lay the way I liked.


I am going to remake this as I made some mistakes on the tube. ( If only I had a laser cutting machine)


The end plugs are a needed evil to get the power cable plugged in. I dont have it fully in place in the image below but you can see what I am going for.


I think this time I will just cut out the acrylic from a flat sheet and go with a tube .

But its fun and I think Im learning .




Aug 8




Not 100% happy but getting near.

6 days ago

This looks good, you could also use the bottom 'end' as a support for the card also. Did you ever get this to what you wanted and to make you happy? I'd love to see the finished product.

6 days ago

Ive since then upgrade my PC but have used it as a GPU support at the moment. I will go back to a Vertical GPU soon after I get things sorted But yes this is what I did for now. :)



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