Jul 27

Back-plate ummm BOTTOM-Plate


Ok my bottomplate for my vertical GPU. Im not finished with it. Took this image while I was doing a fit. Ill post more latter when I can show lights and clean it up.. My main PC is down right now waiting on a RMA for my CPU,




Looking really neat. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Aug 8

Getting closer. :)


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  • Mine is a bit different than most on here. I was after concealment, more stealth than bling. The one thing I did NOT like about my Cougar Conquer build was my two 10TB hard drives sticking out like a sore thumb on the backside of the case. So the plate I was after...was to make then disappear... I got exactly what I wanted! :)
  • My latest attempt at RGB plate lights. I think I have the smooth and even lighting sorted. The lights (front) in this plate are even full even color from any angle . Just my edge lighting need work. Its hard to catch the lights with my camera but here is a shot or 2.
  • I am doing my first plate with RGB. It is for my 3.5 Hard drive. Waiting on paint to dry Ill post images in a day or so. Show yours off if you have made one. SSD HDD GPU any........ (Jeffrey dont count) LOL