Jun 22

In win Build 4th of July theme


Edited: Jun 24

In Win 303 case, I7 6700k, MSi z170 pro, MSI Gtx 1060, XSPC neo waterblock,

Xspc 360 ultra thin radiator, XSPC fittings and PTEG tubing, Corsair 32g 3200mhz

vengeance pro, 5x Corsair ll120 rgb fans.

Seagate prime 850watt PSU, Swift tech

Malesrom 200ml reserVoir












Is that the Heat Killer reservoir? Love the build, Great job!

Jun 23

It’s the swiftech maelstrom reservoir. Similar in design.

Aug 31

This looks insanely good. I just ordered an inWin 309 today. It will be my first ever build so I am a little intimidated trying the inline water cooler at this point, but your look and feel is very similar to how I have been trying to plan mine out. Awesome job!

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  • This is a customers build that just added the PSU cover plate that I made them.