Jun 23

My Current Setup


Here is my current set up. i7 9700k, MSI Z390 Motherboard, GTX 1070 Bridged, Corsair H100i Water Cooler RGB, Corsair Fan Kit ML120, Corsair LED Kit, and Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard.


Definitely love the SSD Covers, Fan Grills, and Video Card Covers. Will be ordering soon.









That's sweet looking build! My wife has been eyeing that keyboard for some time now. Corsair also make the silver and white mouse pad and a white mouse all with the same look. thanks for sharing your setup!

Thanks. The keyboard is the newest addition. I’m definitely going to switch my mouse once the current mouse dies on me.

I also think I’m going to go with the Corsair memory so all The lighting goes with the iCue software.

The keyboard was on sale for $109 this past week. Thats the cheapest I’ve seen it new. So I jumped on it.

Looks like you won our SSD cover contest!! Send us an email at jmmods44@gmail.com and let us know which one you choose along with your address.

Thank you! I sent an email. Not sure if you’ve received it. Thanks again.

SSD Cover goes well with the scheme. Thank you.


Aug 31

Which inWin is this? I just ordered a 309 today and excited to get started. Such a nice aesthetic.

Aug 31Edited: Aug 31

It's the 303. They did release one 309 with a full LED front panel that I kinda liked. It is very clean and easy to hide wires because the back side has lots of space to do some cable management.

Aug 31

Yes I ordered the 309 which has the led front plate. It’s for my 13 year old gamer son. I thought it was unique. inside Looks super similar to the 303.

Yeah I really like the 309. Post some photos of your build when you get it done.

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