Oct 13

My TT tower 900 T.A.R.D.I.S. Project


Hi everyone, very new to this site so a little introducing is in order.

i’m from Belgium and doing my second case job, i’ve very little time so the build goes slowly but definitly forward.

Please excuse my english if it isn’t that good but i think your dutch wouldn’t be eighter. ;)

so i started out with comming across this case ( a Thermaltake tower 900 snow edition) and saw oppertunity to build me a Dr Who TARDIS as i‘m a huge fan for many years.




Hi scullbock, That is a great case and it feels like the Tardis theme would be great for that. Keep us informed with the progress as you get some time to work on the build , I would love to see this come to fruition!


Oct 13Edited: Oct 30

Indeed a great case with lot of potential.

First i made me a template in pvc for the inside of the case, looking like this.


and then made me the bottem and top of the case in wood that i later finished in resin and sprayed white also.




Oct 13Edited: Oct 26

To the drawing board to get that insert ready to laser cut.

Even spend a whole day to draw out replacements for those ugly radiator grills on the side and let them also laser cut while i’m at it.




After the powder coating


And put in place


Ready to get the whole special painted

Oct 13Edited: Oct 13

As the site keeps crashing on me (ipad,) i will add hardware specs later.

hope to see my case ready from the airbrush artist soon...

it should look on the outside like this:














And the inside should be like this helmet wit the clock over it



Love this! Especially the wood accents you put on it.

Thx Morgan,

just recieved this from the airbrusher, showing he is on it. ;)

Cant wait to see the result.



a day ago

no prob, i just recieved some update news about the case as the outside just went in mat finish coating.




More update tomorrow from the inside?

It makes me very curious!

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