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Cable Comb Kits 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm

Cable Comb Kits 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm


These kits contain everything you need for total cable management in your PC for only $19.99. 


10 x 4 pin10 x 6 pin10 x 8 pin5 x 12 pin5 x 14 pin5 x 16 pin 5 x 24 pin 
These cable combs are laser cut by me and made of 1/8 inch thick acrylic.



Common Cable Brands using using 2.5mm openings are:

CableMod® ModFlex brand sleeved cable sets.

Corsair® brand sleeved cable sets.

Common Brands using 3.0mm opening:

CableMod® ModMesh sleeved cable sets.

EVGA® GS/PS/G2/G3/P2/T2 brand sleeved cable sets.

Bitfenix® Alchemy sleeved extensions.

NZXT™ brand sleeved extensions.

ModRight™ brand sleeved extensions.

Mod/Smart™ Kobra MAX sleeved extensions

Phanteks® brand sleeved extensions

Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions.

3.5mm combs work best for DIY sleeved cable

that some  may do themselves with Paracord sleeving

Silverstone® brand sleeved extensions.


Please note: I have gathered information off the internet to the best of my ability on cable sizing and

although I believe this chart to be accurate we advise you to measure your cable for proper size.

 we are not responsible for manufacturer product changes or silent revisions. 

use combs at your own risk. using incorrect opening sizes on cables may result in breakage

we will not be held responsible if for this misuse. 

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