Infinity Mirror Addressable RGB GPU bracket

Infinity Mirror Addressable RGB GPU bracket


New from jmmods and infinity mirror addressable RGB bracket this bracket can be controlled if you have an addressable RGB header.
This bracket is 10 inches long and has an adjustable tab that is accessible behind the front panel which will have to be unscrewed to access the screws for that tab. The tab can be moved within a 2in span from left to right as to avoid any fans. The bracket will come with two longer 6/32 screws for the PCI slot, an allen wrench for the three screws holding the panel on so you can access the adjustable tab, and a controller.
Also the Asus ROG logo inside the panel can be changed but can only do a simple logo!  I will not attempt to glue solvent on a mirrored surface as any mistake than I will have to remake the item so please keep it simple... send us a message and see if we can do your logo before purchasing!


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