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ITX computer case
  • ITX computer case


    Mini ITX Computer Case.  Made from acrylic.  Can be customized with a variety of colors.  Comes with two RGB at the top and one at the bottom.  The case measures 8" x 8" x 10.5". You must use a small form factor PSU.  Has provisions for 140mm fan in the top.  Has mounting holes behind the motherboard tray for an SSD and a slot to route the SATA cable. Can use CPU coolers with a total depth of 3.5".  There are vents on the bottom for fresh air.  Also vents on the side cover for the PSU.  There are vents on the rear by the I/O shield and the right side for fresh air.  Cases are made to order.  Can be customized...such as vent cutout styles, colors, and possibly window designs.  Will be shipped flat and must be put together with supplied modding cubes and screws.  Optional fee is available for pre-assembly.  

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