Mini 3 Button RGB Controller

Mini 3 Button RGB Controller


Controllers will be wired for the power connection you choose and have sleeving for the cable...  you can choose sata power connector or 4 pin molex.


Standard 12 volt  controller

This product has powerful functions and small size. You can easily change mode, speed, color and brightness by pressing 3 keys on its ultra slim body. It's the best mate for your LED strips. Also This is wire to a 4 pin Molex  so you can connect it to your PSU and comes with a 4 pin male adapter.


Mini Controller Dimmer for 5050 3528 RGB LED Strip Light 12V 6A 3 Keys White


Easy to accomplish dim and speed adjustment.

Owns many kinds of modes, such as static colors, jumpy changes, gradual changes, strobe, auto-play modes, etc.

It presents 19 dynamic modes and 20 static color.

Powerful functions and small size, convenient to use.

3 keys design.

Auto memorizing funtion.

Key functions:

key functions

MODE Dynamic modes switch

SPEED/BRIGHT To adjust the speed(dynamic modes) or brightness(static modes)

COLOR Static color replacement

Mode Table

NO. mode                                                         NO. mode

1 Full color gradual change                                11 Six color jumpy change

2 Three-color fade in then fade out                   12 3-color strobe change

3 Seven-color fade in then fade out                   13 Red flash explosion

4 Red fade in then fade out                               14 Yellow flash explosion

5 Yellow fade in then fade out                           15 Green flash explosion

6 Green fade in then fade out                            16 Blue flash explosion

7 Cyan fade in then fade out                              17 White flash explosion

8 Blue fade in then fade out                               18 Six color flash explosion

9 White fade in then fade out                            19 AutoPlay

10 Three colors jumpy change

Color Table

NO. Color                                                         NO. Color

1 Static red                                                      11 Static light blue

2 Static green                                                  12 Static cyan

3 Static blue                                                    13 Static light green

4 Static orange                                                 14 Static yellowish green

5 Static deep yellow                                         15 Static yellow-green

6 Static pink                                                    16 Static white

7 Static purple                                                 17 Static green white

8 Static brown                                                  18 Static ivory

9 Static violet blue                                            19 Static pink white

10 Static dark blue                                            20 Static warm white

Package includes:


5 volt addressable



76 kinds of patterns,which are vivid and beautiful;

Can control up to 2048 pixels;


Functions Of Keys:


Switching patterns forwardly



Switching speed



Switching patterns backwardly



Pressing MODE+ and MODE- at the same time and release at the same time into AUTO Mode



Operating Voltage:DC5V-24V

controller type
power connector

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