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Vertical Addressable  RGB GPU Support bracket
  • Vertical Addressable RGB GPU Support bracket




    RGB GPU support bracket is made from 2 layers of acrylic, It comes with 2 adjustable tabs that you can adjust to your setup. There are several different techniques I use to make this bracket including frosting to have the diffused look, Mirrored tint for the infinity effect for the accent area, Hex holes for the stand off to support the card and clear acrylic screws so the rgb will shine through them etc , so there are many different things done to this bracket to make it the best I can.
    The bracket has Addressable RGB lighting which is compatible with addressable rgb headers on current motherboards or you can opt for a controller which is sold separately 
    The bracket can be customized so check out the examples pictures here and let me know what you need for the design.

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